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Penn GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Math and Science Camp

Dear Parents of Gifted Girls of current 6th, 7th or 8th Grade: 

We received information about a camp about which your student may have an interest. 

Penn GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Math and Science Camp is an opportunity for Philadelphia-area middle school girls to learn about engineering and how it is part of everyday life.

Join us for a great week of hands-on science, math, and engineering at Penn! You’ll get to participate in hands-on engineering activities such as in Bioengineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Graphics and Computing.

Please note: GEMS is a day camp only. Overnight accommodations are not available.

For additional information about the camp and hte application visit:


Google Science Fair
This contest is open to students 13 - 18 years of age . Check it out and pass it on to your child.

Patriot's Pen

2018-2019 Theme

"Why I Honor the American Flag"

Student Entry Date October 31, 2018

Patriotic Essay Writing Contest Grand Prize $5,000 Award

Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project 12th National Essay Contest

To foster an understanding and appreciation of Korean history and culture, KSCPP is hosting its 12th national essay contest. The entrants are required to read King Sejong the Great, published by KSCPP (available for free download at If you wish to receive a physical copy, please contact us using the information below. For further information on King Sejong, please visit our website,, and click the 12th National Essay Contest banner.

See document below for more information.

Summer Camps

Troop K Camp Cadet

The purpose of Camp Cadet is to provide an insight into police training and the functions of a police officer. This program is a true-to-life experience patterned after municipal and state police training. Participants in Camp Cadet gain an understanding of and a respect for the law, and build a positive relationship with police officers.

Chris Hughes,
Sep 14, 2018, 8:20 PM