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Game Club

First meeting will be at 3:15 pm via zoom on Wednesday, December 9th.  

The zoom link will be shared through your school email on Monday and Tuesday of that week.

Our club is looking to meet on Wednesdays at 2:40 - 3:15pm while virtual and at 3:15 - 3:50 pm while hybrid.  The later start time of 3:15 is to allow hybrid students to get home from school.  We will adjust the times as needed based on interest.

2020 -2021 - This club is still running via zoom. Information will be communicated through PVTV and other announcements. If you don't hear anything, email the advisor with the information below.  If you are interested, please email the advisors below. 

We are looking to create a virtual common space in which students can meet new friends and share in online games.  We are looking into finding resources for online games in which students can interact online while being able to communicate through zoom.  While playing, students could be divided in breakout rooms (small group zoom rooms) as they are playing different games in order to have conversation that is relevant to their game or conversation.  If anyone has suggestions for fun, cooperative games online, please email and

Name of Club: Game Club



Mr. Hughes and Mr. Thompson 


Date Starts: November depending on if fall sports are occurring due to coaching conflicts. 

Date Ends: End of May


every other Monday 2:35 - 3:30 pm

(Specific dates are available on the permission slip given out at the start of the club) 

Location: Room 241

Grade Level: 6th, 7th, 8th

Cost: Activity Fee $100 per student

Picture of board games

Game Club is an after school activity for students interested in board games, playing cards, learning card tricks, playing ping-pong, and foosball.  The goal is to bring students together to participate in games and meet new people.