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Mental Health Resources

Name of Club: Student Council

Advisor(s): Mrs. Slomeana and Mrs. Pfanstiel 


    Date Starts: Beginning of year 

    Date Ends: End of year

Time:Varies (TBD)

Location: Varies

Cost: Activity Fee: $100 per student

Links and Files : Click here

Goal: Student council is a student-driven leadership organization.  We will be concentrating on five key elements we expect the members of student council to embody as acknowledged in our Middle States mission statement.  These elements include leadership, citizenship, service, sustainability, and ambassadorship.  Leadership can be demonstrated by having a vision for success and possessing natural talents and abilities which allow you to bring people together to achieve shared success. Citizenship is measured by the positive effect an individual has on his/her community.  Service is the contribution to improve the welfare of others.   Sustainability implies creating a culture within student council to allow the group to be successful and meaningful after your tenure at East has ended.  Ambassadorship embodies the ability to communicate effectively with many different audiences and to represent our school with honor and pride.