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Mental Health Resources

The ASSIST Team serves as an extension to our existing in-school counseling services and as a resource for staff, students, and parents by providing referral services for out-of-school assessment and treatment programs. The school setting provides the opportunity for the professional staff to observe and identify students who are at-risk and in need of help and support.  At-risk students can be defined as students who are experiencing difficulty functioning in the school environment due to mental health problems and/or substance abuse.  Through caring, concern, and appropriate intervention, the ASSIST Team will identify and help these at-risk students become responsible school citizens and achieve optimum learning. 

Safe2Say is an anonymous reporting tool for parents and students to report any tips you have to our school and community.  The referral goes through the Safe2Say agency and is delivered to Middle School East.

If this is a true medical emergency please dial 911.  The attached resources are if you need assistance in hospitalization or other mental health services.

For parents concerned about their child's drug or alcohol use.  Weekly presentations and support.

Resources for families and students to obtain help by phone

General articles on raising a "Screemager"

This is a variety of resources for parents and students to obtain assistance.