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8th Olympian

Virtual Learning from Home
Looking for your child's work for our current virtual learning from home.
It is also available in your Monday's email and on your student's Google classroom. 

Contact Us

English -  Mrs. Mullowney
Science - Mr. Hughes
Social Studies - Mr. Thompson

Olympic torch
Team News
Field Trip Permission Slip

Tissues are always needed.  If possible, 
donate a box to your homeroom especially during cold/flu season and allergy season.
Helpful HAC Codes:
EA = excused assignment - has no effect on grade
MA = missing assignment - needs to be turned in
AB = absent from assignment - needs to be turned in



Looking for homework -  Scroll down 
below as we are using the remind app. 

Remind Codes for Science
Period 2 - 8d49b4
Period 3 - k87684fb
Period 6/7 - bf26ak
Period 9 - d22f8a