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Principal's Message 12/8/17

posted Dec 10, 2017, 6:46 PM by Chris Hughes

Dear PVMS East Parents,

We had an amazing Winter Concert last night that was broadcast live on Facebook and Youtube. Congratulations to our student musicians and their teachers for providing and outstanding performance. If you missed it, you can still watch it through Facebook.

Band Fundraiser: The Brass Quintet will be performing Christmas Carols at the Collegeville Italian Bakery on Tuesday, December 12th. Please read the attachment for more details.

Twitter – Please follow us on Twitter @PVMSEast for the latest news and information.

Switching Busses- All students should travel home on the bus that they are assigned. Special permission may be granted to travel on a different bus or get off at a different stop if it is for a Safety Issue. Requests for student ‘play dates’ will not be approved. Please kindly submit a note from the sending and receiving parents with a 24 hours notice. Thank you.


PV Cares Holiday Drive: Shift in how the district will be involved with gift-giving

  • PV Cares donations accepted in each elem. building through 12/8
  • All donations will be taken to Daily Bread in Collegeville
  • Direct any other inquiries for donations (PJs, adopt-a-family, etc..) to Daily Bread  
  • All families are directed to contact Daily Bread by 12/22 so they can be added to the list for gifts
    • No family will be turned away
    • No need to provide financial evidence
    • Must show proof of residency in PVSD (ID or recent bill w/address)  



Builder’s Club:

The winter holidays are a difficult time for many especially those who find themselves homeless. It’s hard to believe that there are actually homeless people who live in our area; unfortunately, there are.  We, the Builders Club members of Perkiomen Valley Middle School East, would like to help them so we are collecting items to make Personal Hygiene kits for the holidays to deliver to the Good Samaritan Homeless Shelter right here in nearby Phoenixville, PA.


The following is a List of What We are Collecting:



Shampoo/Conditioner (2-in-1)             

Dental Floss




Wash Clothes  

Hand Sanitizer                        






Granola Bars                            

Shaving Cream



Toothbrush Cover


Zip Lock Bags


Men’s - Hats, Gloves and Scarves



All items should be NEW and UNUSED.  We will also accept cash and gift     cards to stores like Target, Giant, Wegmans, Redners, Walmart, etc. -- so we can purchase the items we still need.

Builders Club wanted to do something special for the holidays and many community groups were already supporting children and families; Builders Club found that there was a real need for helping the Men’s shelter. We really appreciate your support in this worthy cause.  

Please send donations in by Wednesday, December 20th.  Donations may be dropped off to PVMS-East Main Office attention:  Builder’s Club or brought in to Homerooms and will be collected.  

Anything you can do to support us in our efforts is greatly appreciated… we really do need your help. Thank you and Happy Holidays!


You be The Chemist Contest: The 2017-2018 You Be The Chemist Challenge is approaching!  This challenge is a middle school chemistry challenge sponsored by Dow Chemical right here in Collegeville.  On Saturday March 10th qualifying  students from surrounding school districts will compete in this challenge at the Dow Chemical facility in Collegeville.  Winners of the initial round will move on to compete at the state, and possibly national levels.

Last year, over 150 students took the qualifying exam to try to become
part of the PVMSE team.  The number of team members changes each year
and we will not know how many participants we will be able to submit
until after the qualifying exam.  Last year we took 10.  Links to study materials are included below.  The qualifying exam will be held at PVMSE on a regular school day after we return from winter break.  I am very excited to be the coach for this year's team for yet another year.  Let's have a great year!

Jared Dubbs
8th Grade Math and Science Teacher



Ankhor Math Tutoring – Ankhor Math Tutoring, based at PVHS, provides a free online service for students in grades K-8 in our school district.  Our own high school students provide online tutoring, outside of school hours, at a mutually agreed upon time between the high school tutor and younger student/student’s parent.  Tutoring occurs one hour each week through collaborative documents, video chat, and an online whiteboard.  This is all provided for via the Ankhor website (https://ankhor.org/).

Create an Ankhor Math Tutoring account - 

1.) Parents should go to the registration page on the main website, https://ankhor.org/#/register-here.

2.) Enter the PVMSE Verification Code: S001008B5m93

3.) Select the type of account they wish to create (Learner).


4.) Follow the remaining instructions for signing-up.


Attendance/Absences – If you know your child will be absent from school, please be sure to contact Mrs. Nicole DePalma, our counseling secretary, at ndepalma@pvsd.org or by calling our office at 610-409-8580.  Also, please remember to send in excuse notes, detailing the date of the absence, reason for the absence, and a parent signature, within three days of the absence(s).

Reminder about Attendance Law Changes – In November, 2016, Governor Wolf signed into law new school attendance provisions.  Act 138 of 2016, rewrites a substantial portion of the Public School Code that addresses unexcused absences and truancy.  These new provisions are in effect beginning with the 2017-2108 school year.  Essentially, if a student is absent without a note from a parent/guardian citing an acceptable reason (as per the Student Handbook), the absence is classified as unexcused.  If students accumulate three unexcused absences, they are considered “truant.”  Six days or more of unexcused absences is considered “habitually truant” and subject to consequences that may include the filing of a citation in district court.  When students accumulate ten total days of absence, excused or unexcused, the district requires a note from a doctor for any subsequent absences. 

As part of the new legislation, the state is encouraging schools and families to work together in understanding unexcused absences and how students can be supported when they struggle with attendance for any reason.  The school district will develop a “Student Attendance Improvement Plan” in its efforts to address attendance issues.  For more information, please click on Attendance Guidelines under the Parents tab.  At MS East, Student Attendance Improvement Plans are initiated by district-adopted attendance letters and implemented by our social worker, a counselor, and/or an administrator in conjunction with a parent(s).

Have a wonderful weekend.



Dr. Seamus Clune


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